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Cool pictures of various fruits and vegetables passed through a MRI machine.


Picture of the Day July 15, 2010

Went to my friend’s daughter’s dress rehearsal tonight for her dance class.  Had never been to anything like it before.  Called ahead to make sure what their photo policies were.  They said no flash, but other than that, it was free range.  Talked to a friend up in San Fran (www.teradaphoto.com) who has shot a ton of these type of events.  He said that during the dress rehearsals, you can get right up to the stage, so he suggested bringing a wide angle and a short telephoto.  But he also said to expect dark lighting, so I brought my 85/1.4 just in case.  The program was scheduled for 2 hours, so I expected to shoot a lot of photos, and have time to work a bunch of different angles.  Unfortunately, I found out that the program is 2 hours, but her section of the program is only about 2 minutes long.  I only brought one body, so I figured I’d go with the old reliable 70-200 and shoot her whole program from front and center.  Checking the exposure, I got 1/320th @ 3200ISO wide open.  Not bad.  However, they did not  front light her performance, so I had to drop my shutter down to about 1/80th.  A lot of the photos had too much motion blur, but one or two turned out nicely.  I should have used the 1.4, but live and learn.  Ironically, I feel like my best shot was a test shot from an earlier performance.  There was a lot of repetition of form during the big group performances, and I like how this shot has the repetition of body language as well as color.  The kicker of course is the boy in front.  The selective focus, ambient light, his outfit and facial expression all combine to make him stand out.  It was a pretty long day of sitting and watching little kids dance.  The main thing I came away with from the experience?  Knowing that I would not be a good father to a daughter.

Personal Project: Tattoos

I went to a presentation by Dave Black (www.daveblackphotography.com)  a while back and he showed some photos he shot using an interesting technique.  He put a snoot on his off camera flash, and used it as a highlight to bring some pop to a still life, or a portrait.  I really liked the idea, and it only cost me a few bucks for the snoot.  Recalling a presentation from Tony Corbell (www.corbellproductions.com) that texture is created by the contrast between highlight and shadow, I came up with the idea to shoot people’s tattoos with a snoot pointed along the surface of the skin.  The project is a work in progress, but I like some of the things that have come so far….

Hello world!

An interesting post by blogger John Harrington about the consequences of working for free:


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